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Pulp Junkie Diary
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Monday, November 19th, 2007

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Wow, I suck at this: more TCM nattering
Let another day slip by me without commenting. Ah well, it was just the Falcon series. Now you won't get to hear me run on about the character's career in novels, film, radio and television. I won't get to point out the title of the first film (The Gay Falcon), the fact that the series initially stars George Sanders (after he was The Saint), and that his character gets replaced by his character's brother (played by Sanders' brother Tom Conway!) partway through the series. I also have no reason to mention the fact that the Falcon movies are actually based on a different character than the radio and tv versions were based on. Hell, just check the Falcon's page on the brilliant Thrilling Detective site for more of that odd history.

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