October 8th, 2007

Sebastian Haff

All downhill from here

This coming Saturday (the 13th), I will be turning 40. I'm not nearly as disturbed by this as some of my cousins are, believe me. I plan to celebrate my new-found maturity by attending a comics expo (http://www.spxpo.com/ featuring guests Matt Wagner and Jeff Smith). It's OK, it's an indie comics expo! That's plenty mature!

Anyhow, if anyone will find themselves lurking about the SPX, or otherwise unoccupied Saturday afternoon, let me know so we could maybe meet up. Afterwards, I'm heading over to Silver Spring, where I'll be dining at Mandalay Restaurant, on fine Burmese cuisine. Pork and mango curry! Yum! And after that, I'll probably catch the 7:30 show of "Hula Girls" at the AFI Silver. It's the feel-good Japanese movie of the year!

If any part of this sounds fun to any of you, contact me and we can make plans to meet up.

I also intend to continue celebrating my 40th birthday for weeks to come. Saturday, October 20th is the DC Rollergirls season championship: the Cherry Blossom Bombshells vs Scare Force One. Should be an excellent bout. The weekend of the 27th is up in the air at the moment. A homebrew filmfest is a possibility. The first weekend of November is set aside for a trip to Las Vegas. Can I resist the tacky magnetism of a visit to the Hooters Hotel and Casino? Probably not. Can I resist buying the $70 Kobe beef and foie gras burger at the Mandalay Bay Burger Bar? Time will tell.

Remember: you can't start your second childhood until the first one is completely used up...
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