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Pulp Junkie Diary
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Thursday, June 28th, 2007

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The management regrets any inconvenience...
So, around the time I was supposed to post last week, I got severely distracted. Having just come off a low-key vacation (a trip to the Smithsonian in DC and a trip up to lovely Harper's Ferry, WV) I started going out to the movies after work. Thursday night was Ocean's 13, which was more of the same and good on 'em for it. An utterly casual time-waster of the best kind, amusing, pretty to look at, and only complex on the surface. Cinematic comfort food.

Friday was a trip to E Street NW in DC for Satoshi Kon's Paprika, which is even more complex on the surface, while still fairly meaty underneath. It's the kind of film where, at the end, you have to re-consider certain scenes from earlier in the film, with new information in mind. Not Kon's most emotionally compelling work, but always interesting, visually engrossing, and populated by a likable and sympathetic cast.

Saturday, after a delicious lunch with Ken at Bangkok City in Centreville, I dropped by kittykatya's place to watch "Kim Possible" all day (total slug-fest, sure, but I was tired...) Sometime that evening, I remembered I hadn't posted the Thursday night TCM thing. Overcome by inertia, I decided to skip a week. If anyone out there was actually relying on these lists in any way, I apologize. If anyone was enjoying them regardless of usefulness, I apologize. I've got next weeks list and comments coming up tonight, then I'm going to start working several weeks in advance to keep this from happening again.

I also hope to have my review of 1920's The Mark of Zorro ready by the end of the weekend. Should have some spare thinking time on thre overnight OT shifts at work this weekend.

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