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Pulp Junkie Diary
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Thursday, May 10th, 2007

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1930 Movie Review Extra: mini-capsules
I thought I'd round out my first batch of reviews in my little project by mentioning a few more worthwhile films from 1930. Then I checked to find out how many films from 1930 were on DVD right now. The answer: 15, according to the IMDB. Wow. That's not many. There are probably a few more floating about in the public domain, and there are probably a few that the IMDB has just missed. I also learned that at least one movie I thought was from 1930 was actually from 1931 (that would be "Little Caesar.")

So this one should be easy: out of the 15 available movies there are three that I've seen which I haven't already reviewed here. And here they are:

New (hopefully weekly) feature: What's on TCM this week
So I got the idea to try to share some of my hard-earned filmic wisdom with my friends in a more immediately useful manner than occasional reviews of 80-year-old movies, and this is one of the plans I came up with: Each Thursday evening, I'll check over the next week's schedule form Turner Classic Movies (Best TV channel EVAR!) and highlight the, well, highlights. I realize this will be less than useful to you folks who don't get TCM on your cable system (and my condolences to you if you don't). But what the hell, I'm checking their schedule for my own use anyway, so why not? I'll be covering from Friday through Thursday of the upcoming week (this time out being May 11 through 17) and pointing out obscurities, cult items and personal favorites in order to encourage a sense of exploration and adventure in you, my readers (all, what, 8 of you?) So without further ado, here's the highlights of the upcoming week (all times EST).

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