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Pulp Junkie Diary
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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

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New year, new project
I've decided to take on a new writing project, of more modest dimensions than the one I tried three years ago. So here's my new plan:

I'm going to watch five movies from a particular year, then write some brief reviews of the five (possibly longer reviews if a movie deserves it.) This little brainstorm came to me as I was going through some DVD-Rs that I've recorded in the past couple of years, containing movies aired on TCM. I had watched two films in a row from 1930, and decided to continue in the same vein. Thus, my starting year is 1930. I'll probably backtrack to 1920 for the next batch.

The five films in the first set are: "Golden Dawn," Alfred Hitchcock's "Murder!," Lon Chaney in "The Unholy Three" (his only sound picture), the comedy stylings of Wheeler & Woolsey in "The Cuckoos," and Academy Award Winner "All Quiet on the Western Front." A good sampling of styles, genres, and levels of quality. So far, I've watched the first three, and the other two will be watched by the end of the week.

Now to start writing. Hope to have the first review up in a couple of days, tops. The text is done, i just need to see about polish, name checking, and putting in some screen caps.

Keep watching the blog!

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